Have a home everyone wants to visit and no one wants to leave. You know folks like this. People brag to their friends, “Oh, we’re going to visit so-and-so!” And everyone’s excited.

And then, when you’re there visiting, Sunday evening rolls around, you start to get that sinking feeling in your stomach and that little voice crying inside that says, “I don’t want to leave.”

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Be a Sunset Hunter

People ask us how we know where all the great homes are before anyone else. Well here’s a secret, and this counts for life as much as it does being a real estate group.

We started collecting sunsets years ago. Not just going to the same place every day, but hunting down a new vantage point, a new perch, a new outlook. There are so many fantastic places to see a sunset here and many of them are not on a map.

Through our adventures we have met all sorts of different people with many exquisite properties while on our quest for the best vantage point. Naturally, these people come to the LIVE DISTINCTIVELY group when they’re thinking about putting something on the market.

See… we have homes that aren’t even listed yet!